Flaunt Music Premiere: Listen to Olivia Noelle's Confident 'Made of Gold'

by Flaunt Intern

Columbia Records recently welcomed Pop/R&B singer Olivia Noelle to the family. Noelle, who is inspired by '90s staples like Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child, and TLC, is bound to rise to top. The singer released her debut single, “Faking It,” in August and the cut cracked 250 thousand streams—and counting. And today, we're introducing you to her second single, “Made of Gold.” 

While her debut single does a great job of capturing her essence and her sound, “Made of Gold” seems to showcase what she stands for. This song speaks towards one’s self worth, respecting it, and knowing when to walk away from someone that doesn’t. 

“I wrote ‘Made of Gold’ as a reminder to myself of my value and worth," Noelle says of the song. "It’s so interesting to me the lengths we go as human beings to be validated by others when the reality is it all stems from the inside out. If you’re not giving 100% to yourself first, then it’s impossible to give or get 100% from the people in your life.  I hope this song can help us all remember what we’re made of, whether it be gold, power, strength, confidence, beauty or whatever is true for you.”

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Written by Evelyn Mateos