Mr. Probz and Anderson .Paak Link Up For a Soulful Single and Trippy Visuals in 'Gone'

by Flaunt Intern

Dutch artist Mr. Probz came back with a collaboration with the soulful Anderson .Paak after releasing his remix of "Waves" with Robin Shulz, which became an international hit in 2013. The funky, enchanting voices of Mr. Probz and Anderson .Paak are paired harmoniously with a trippy and visually stimulating music video that premiered this morning (September 1) on Complex. They are even seen floating above with the clouds in multiple scenes and their silhouettes in the background of psychedelic visuals in other parts throughout the video.

"Do you know that feeling you can get when something special is happening? I mean, not that you’re thinking about it and react on that thought, but you actually know that there is something really special going on and get that natural tingle," Probz told Complex, referring to the collaboration. "That’s the feeling I got when I first heard Anderson on ‘Suede.' I think my immediate response to my manager was something like; wow, we need to contact this guy asap and get him on a track the day before yesterday."

Written by Kelly An