Mona Releases a Valentine's Day-Ready Video for their Newbie, 'Kiss Like A Woman'

by Flaunt Editorial Staff

Mona just released an all-too-sweet music video that will make your heart flutter. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Indie-Rock band released a clip dubbed “Kiss Like A Woman,” which tells the brief story about three love-struck individuals.  

The video follows a man sitting in a diner (presumably crushing on the waitress), a young man going to a school dance, and a young woman about to ride on the back of her honey’s bike. The twist?

The man at the diner is crushing on the male manager, the young man attends an Enchantment Under the Sea dance to steal back his girl (hello, McFly!), and the girl locks lips with her girlfriend on the back of her bike. Cue in the guitar and vocals, and we have a love story.

Known for songs such as “Shoot the Moon,” and “In the Middle,” Mona's music is electric, and has a similar sound, recalling The Killers and The Black Keys. The video, directed and written by Johnathan Crocker, encourage us Cupid-stupid goofs to take chances and treat our hearts with some well-deserved lovin’. You can find the song and its music video on YouTube now.

Written by Leslie Gonzalez