Midnight to Six

by Ryan Keeling

Dance Mag Resident Advisor Supplies Us with a Tummy-Tickling Forecast of Underground, Wrapped up in Electrical Tape

INFINITE BOYS Raphael and Antony Mabaso are part of an ever-growing wave of South African house artists who are gaining international recognition.

The pair produces soulful, percussive house music from their base in the Johannesburg township of Daveyton, a neighborhood in which they rightly enjoy a status as local gods.


POLAR INERTIA Polar Inertia are the new Parisian representatives of illusive techno. With the city’s scene surging back, the duo is garnering devotees with their fleshy deep-house rhythms and noir-futurist imagery. It’s music tailor-made for our future coital entanglements with humanoid robots.


WILLIE BURNS Label owner, producer, consummate digger, William Thomas Burnett is something of an electronic polymath. His W.T. label has been prolific of late, and the reinstatement of his Speculator alias has further fuelled his eventual journey into your ear canal.


MGUN Manuel Gonzales got his start alongside Kyle Hall, but as MGUN, he’s swinging a heavy stick in the American techno underground. MGUN’s electronic creations range from mutant-pop rambles to motorik digressions to slimy, melting beats that make your ears feel wet. A Detroit-native with a dusty, left field aesthetic, Gonzales shows that techno’s hometown still has plenty of originality up its sleeve.


OUTBOXX In Bristol, U.K., a city that’s not exactly short on electronic music talent, Matt Lambert and Jake Martin stand out through their accessible brand of sunny house music. The tracks are utterly fitting for the quaking, sweat-laden dancefloor of a Bristol nightclub.


MR. TIES Mr. Ties is a cult favorite in Berlin, and it’s not hard to see why: the 26-year-old behind ://about blank’s notorious Homopatik parties plays records no one else would touch, mixing with a style inspired by Jackson Pollock, often for tantric stretches of 12 hours or more.