Maty Noyes Drops New Track 'Say It To My Face,' Shares Old Dating Woes and Welcomes Better Love

by Flaunt Intern

Maty Noyes | photo by Jean Renard

Maty Noyes | photo by Jean Renard

As the summer fades and it transitions into the fall, singer-songwriter Maty Noyes helps us hold on to the season for just a little bit longer with her new feel-good summer pop anthem, "Say It To My Face."

Some of us first heard from Noyes on The Weeknd's "Angels" from his Beauty Behind the Madness album back in 2015. While others first heard from her through Kygo's international hit "Stay," hitting No. 1 on Billboard's Dance Airplays Chart. Since then, Noyes has been making a name for herself by releasing her EP Noyes Complaint in 2016 and now coming back with her new single.

"This song is a really good representation of where I'm at in my life right now," Noyes tells Flaunt. "I feel like every song I've put out has been a small part in a big story. 'Say It To My Face' is a new beginning. It's a song I feel everyone can relate to in a way and has a great beat that's easy to dance along with."

She then shared her inspiration and thought process behind creating the track. "I was in some really toxic relationships and I'm finally in a great place where someone was actually so nice to me, and I wasn't sure how to handle it," she reveals. "I was used to someone fighting with me and finally someone was as peaceful as me. It's the first time I've experienced a true healthy relationship. And it's about learning to accept what's beautiful in front of you instead of worrying about it being too good to be true. Don't search for the fire, you don't need that to be really passionate. The fire can be passion in other parts of your life."

Listen to "Say It To My Face" on all streaming platforms here.

Written by Kelly An