Video Premiere: Madison Beer's "Dead"

by Sid Feddema

18-year-old indie-pop songstress and former Flaunt featuree Madison Beer resists stasis. Where other pop singers take the safe road Madison Beer insists on forging new ground, whether that means leaving the shelter of Justin Bieber's label to pursue her own path, or releasing a new track titled, menacingly,  "Dead" – placing her decidedly outside of the sugary, affirmation-heavy mainstream pop vein. The video makes this clear. Glitchy text skitters over views of dark beaches, spliced with imagery calling to mind corrupted data and broken channels of communication flashing on the screen of a dying computer. It might be Beer's boldest and most honest track yet. 

Stream or download "Dead" here, and purchase a copy of The Girlfriends Issue featuring Madison Beer below.


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Written by Sid Feddema