Dreamville Artist Lute Returns with New Single, 'Juggin''

by Flaunt Intern

lute juggin.jpg

One of Dreamville's most promising artists, Lute, finally returns with a new track, "Juggin'." Along with the new single, Lute announced that there will be a part two for West1996, following up part one of the mixtape from 2012. We last heard from Lute on Revenge of the Dreamers II in 2015 with his single "Still Slummin'," which was arguable one of the best tracks off the project (next to "48 Laws"). 

"Juggin' is pretty much about finessing your way through struggle... not letting people and struggle define who you are," Lute said on Twitter @lute_west9. "Towards the end you start to realize that focusing on what your goals are is far more important than worrying about who's gon' hold you down."

"Juggin'" is available to stream on multiple platforms.

Written by Kelly An