Lorde's "Melodrama" Offers an Achingly Intimate View Of Growing Up and Moving Forward

by Sid Feddema

Four years after her debut EP release, Pure Heroin, 20-year old New Zealand artist, Lorde is saying goodbye to her teenage memories and embarking on an entirely new journey as she discusses “the politics of the nighttime” in her new intoxicatingly relatable album, Melodrama.

 “Writing Pure Heroine was my way of enshrining our teenage glory, putting it up in lights forever so that part of me never dies, and this record,” the singer wrote on her Facebook page on the eve of her 20th birthday “- well, this one is about what comes next.”

What came next is 11 modern pop tracks reveling in the ecstasy of being young, drunk and simultaneously falling in and out of bars and in and out of love. Lorde's 'Perfect Places" single on the album particularly discusses the artist observation of her summer in New York. "I couldn't shake the feeling that everyone I knew or saw was searching for something - trying to transcend the news and the screaming pavements, drinking that one drink hoping it'd get them someplace higher. This song comes from that endless cycle of evenings and the violent heat of the summer."

The artist refers to the lyrics in her new album as the best she's written in her life and after listening to Melodrama's 'Green Light' single we couldn't disagree  with her even if we tried. 

Written by: Eva Barragan