Pizza and Raps: A Los Angeles Day and Late Night With Lil Yatchy

by Flaunt Intern

Lil Yachty | all performance images shot by Jose Cervantes at The Novo Theater on Sept. 16

Lil Yachty | all performance images shot by Jose Cervantes at The Novo Theater on Sept. 16

Saturday morning is typically when Los Angelenos are working on their creative projects, sipping a six dollar signature lattes, or heading to the beach for sun and relaxation. This past one was different for loyal Lil Yatchy fans, who were waiting in a line that wrapped around itself. Why the dedication and patience? Well, because this line led to a two-day LA pop-up shop which held limited merch (bomber jackets, dad hats, and a variety of t-shirts from one of their favorite rappers).

When doors opened, they were greeted by staff and flooded into what would become a pizzeria with excitement. There’s just something fun about being in a pizzeria while shopping for apparel with a cartoon of Lil Yatchy making pizza on it.  Even better was the appearance of the "One Night" singer himself, surprising fans with pizza, pictures, and autographs. After all, how could he miss this? He says he eats pizza every day, so of course, the "Peek A Boo" artist had to come by.

All of the amusement and excitement of the day could not begin to foreshadow the energy of the night.

Pizza Pop-Up Shop Photos c/o Bravado

You know how people say some things are well worth the wait? A Lil Yatchy concert is one of them. The Sailing Team, Yatchy’s hype team and crew of friends and producers, opened. They were full of energy, keeping the crowd pumped up for more than an hour.

The crowd erupted when Yatchy finally took the stage, coming out with a smile and a bang. He didn't only bring the hits, but water and snacks as well. he passed them out, offering bottles to the audience with a message of care and safety. As the concert turned into a rager, the party took over and responsibility left the room. He sprayed water out onto the crowd during his performance. Things slowed down as Yatchy spotted a fan wearing a certain color to perform "The Lady in Yellow." As the lights dimmed down and he sat her on his couch, the song started to a Magic Mike-esque performance. However, Lil Yatchy left the stripping out while he gave a focused performance.

After a short commercial break, Lil Boat let his hair down to get the real party started, informing the audience turn up because the chill songs were done. Calling for a mosh pit, Lil Boat led the crowd through his upbeat hard rap songs.


He not only performed his off his debut album Teenage Emotions, he performed popular songs off of his mixtape’s. Asking the crowd to sing along didn’t cut it for the 20-year-old as he called for one guy and one girl audience member to come up to the stage and prove their Yatchy knowledge.

The singing contest between the two was weak. One of the contestants gave away the fact that she didn't know the lyrics before it was even her turn!

Later on, he knew the crowd would be hungry for more, which is why he brought out snack packs for his biggest trick yet. After a second or third mosh pit and making the floors of the Novo shake beneath us, he pulled the ultimate party trick. Everyone threw up whatever they had in their hand to create the ultimate beat drop.

Just as you thought that this show couldn't get any louder, crazier, or more fun, Rae Sremmurd comes out to the stage. No one was expecting it but everyone was ready for it! "Swang" and "Black Beatles" were almost too much for everyone to handle.

There was so much energy in the Novo on Saturday night--twerking, boob-flashing, Doritos and water bottles. Yachty's a great host. What else would you call someone who provides good food, clothes and entertainment?

Written by Alexandria Johnson
Photos by Jose Cervantes