Les Filles Breaks Boundaries for Women in the DJ World

by Flaunt Editorial Staff

Les Filles, meaning “the girls” in French, lives up to its name. The all women DJ collective organized by Bec Adams is dedicated to showcasing femme artists. Les Filles empowers women and broadens popular conceptions of what femme artists can create, thereby intentionally promoting a voice that often goes unheard in the music industry. As females only account for 11% of the DJ industry, Bec Adams is determined to make a change.

Les Filles hosted their inaugural event last Wednesday, July 19th at Public Hotel in New York City. Musicians on the roster included Alix Brown (Alix Brown), Brianna Lance (Brianna Lance), Hayett McCarthy (Hayett McCarthy), Leslie Kirchhoff (Leslie Kirchhoff), and Bec Adams.

A quick rundown of the girls: Alix grew up in Atlanta, where working in record stores gave her a sharp ear for music and sparked an interest in DJing. Meanwhile, Brianna began with a career in fashion and creative direction, then added DJing to an already impressive repertoire that suggests she will succeed in any creative industry. Hayett works as a model and DJ who has fittingly played at store openings at Burberry and Marc Jacobs. “It girl” Leslie has DJ'ed internationally and serves as fashion and music inspiration for many young girls. And then, of course, there’s Bec. The founder of Les Filles grew up in Australia with a background in law and has worked both on her DJing and behind the scenes of the music industry for years. They all currently reside in New York City.

These girls are making headlines in the music industry, earning their rightful place as real musicians and ambitious, multifaceted women. They do not play caricatures of DJs; they are present in the music scene as their authentic selves as they brand their sonic and visual identities.

Their show on Wednesday sparked conversation among attendees about gender inequality in not only the music industry but Hollywood as well. Actress Rose McGowan, who was at the event, brought up that only 4% of Hollywood’s directors are female. It seems Les Filles is inspiring a general trend that says we should support women as they pursue a career in any industry, especially the male-dominated art world. Being put down or turned away from an opportunity because of your gender is an experience not unknown to many women, and given the energy and attendance on last week, it’s clear people are responding with wholehearted support to hear these new voices.

And now, it's time to please those ears--Les Filles style. Here's a Flaunt playlist Bec cooked up for us! Give it a listen below.

Written by: Brianna Di Monda