Nice to Meet you, Joanne

by flaunt

The ever-changing priestess of pop drops her most surprising album yet.
From pop sensation to country sweetheart? If anyone can make the transition it’s Lady Gaga, and she brings us her most personal and authentic album yet with Joanne. Gaga has stepped down from her high horse of weirdness and exaggerated antics onto a country-style pony that pays homage to her late aunt, for whom the album is named. Along with the album comes a new persona that none of us would have ever thought we would meet: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Unlike Artpop, which relied heavily on gimmicks and the shield of fame, Joanne seems like a step backwards into a more considered rediscovery of the woman behind the glitz and glamour. Gaga never got to meet Aunt Joanne, as she died at the age of nineteen due to complications from lupus, twelve years before Gaga was born. However, Gaga claims that she has always felt a deep connection with her Aunt and her free spirit.

“My connection to her has been strong my whole life. I always wondered what it was—the mystery of Joanne—this person that I never got to meet that was an absolute tornado of both love and tragedy,” she told E!. “She was a powerful, beautiful force in my family’s life and then it’s like a beautiful light that just goes out,” she said.  “So I’ve always used the fact that she didn’t get to live the rest of her life as a sense of strength and power within me that I have to go out and live the rest for her.”

She has traded her disco stick and 10-inch heels for a jack-of-all-trades. Her last album was a jazz album that she co-created with Tony Bennett. She paid tribute to The Sound of Music during the Oscars and won a Golden Globe for her acting chops in American Horror Story: Hotel. Throughout her many transformations, Lady Gaga always proves that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Mark Ronson, who produced Joanne, told Rolling Stone that he feels like this album elevates Gaga to an unprecedented new level.

"Everything she wrote about was honest, and you hear that in how she's singing," he says. "I was just playing it at a photo shoot and this kid said, 'This is amazing – what is it?' When I said it was Gaga, his mouth dropped in shock. She's made incredible records, but this is raw and exposed in a way that maybe she's never sounded before."

Whether you like the new dive-bar dwelling, Pinot-Grigio-with-the-girls, countrified Joanne or you miss the blood-soaked paparazzi songstress of Fame Monster, one thing is clear: Gaga will continue to surprise.

Image from Yahoo News

Written by Erick Montano