Kendrick Lamar's "LOYALTY" Music Video Flexes Both Luxury and Devotion

by Chelsey Sanchez

Kendrick Lamar’s new music video for “LOYALTY.,” which dropped recently, follows the heels of his previous video releases for “HUMBLE.,” “DNA.,” and “ELEMENT.” from his DAMN. album. With Rihanna in tow, the rapper staves off backstabbers, street sharks, and even car accidents with a dangerous and intoxicating self-confidence.

The visuals are dark and contrasting, maintaining the style of a modern-day heist movie. Meanwhile, Lamar and Rihanna are the epitome of partners in crime, devilishly trumping duos like the Joker and Harley Quinn or Bonnie and Clyde. But, at the core of it, the video is not just a flex of luxury and fame, but also a measure of devotion and trust -- no matter how frightening it may seem to place your faith in someone else’s hands.

“It's a secret society / All we ask is trust,” raps Lamar. “All we got is us / Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.”

What happens when you have Rihanna dangling at the edge of a skyscraper? Or when Lamar doughnuts his BMW i8 in the middle of a slicked intersection? Or even when a road’s cracked concrete turns into quicksand, swallowing both Lamar and Rihanna in a slow-burning gulp?

You get one hell of a music video.

Check it out here at Flaunt, and, while you’re at it, give this 2013 profile of Lamar some love.

Written by Chelsey Sanchez