Let Kamaiyah's "Build You Up" Music Video Lift Your Self-Confidence

by Chelsey Sanchez

It begins like a superhero movie: an aerial shot over some crestfallen city, the din of helicopter blades turning, and cinematic music rolling in the background. For a second, I expect Captain America or Batman to jump into the foray, with weapons and armor bared and ready to face off whatever extraterrestrial or clown-faced villain that’s come to terrorize their world that day. Instead, dancers dancing uncharacteristically to the swell of the cinematic soundtrack appear on screen, before the screen glitches into Kamaiyah, sporting a Supreme jumpsuit and her iconic infectious smile - and it all suddenly makes sense.

The dramatic cinema instrumental gives way to the bouncy beats of Kamaiyah’s newest single, “Build You Up,” which samples Tony! Toni! Toné!’s “Feels Good.” We’ve met Kamaiyah before, and we’re more than glad to see her again, this time rapping under neon lights or in front of a fleet of BMWs for her newest music video, which just dropped yesterday.

“Show respect, well-mannered, and own that care / Bein’ a queen really means you gotta show yourself love,” raps Kamaiyah. With her harlequin surroundings, she makes self-love and self-confidence seem not only empowering but effortless, “You gotta be strong enough to build yourself up.”

Captain America and Batman could never.

Written by Chelsey Sanchez

Photographed by Jake Osmun