John Legend Releases Video for "Penthouse Floor" Featuring Chance The Rapper

by Robyn Merrett

John Legend plays employee of the month John Stephens in video for “Penthouse Floor” featuring Chance The Rapper. The clip speaks on the country’s current social and political divisions and highlights protesters holding signs displaying “Black Lives Matter "and “The Future is Female.”

As a hotel employee, Legend takes a trip to the “Penthouse Floor,” in hope of escaping racism and finding utopia. The penthouse becomes a party with police officers, housekeepers and hotel employees all mingling in racial harmony, but this is short lived as it appears it was all a dream. 

“Penthouse Floor,” is single from Legend’s album “Darkness and Light.” The track features lyrics like “only future I can see, ain’t what it used to be,” definitely sending a message that calls for political change. 

Watch the video here.

Written by Robyn Merrett