Jaden Smith's 'Watch Me' Video is Trippy Cool: Watch It Here

by Brad Wete

Jaden Smith | Shot by Yero Brown

Jaden Smith | Shot by Yero Brown

Directed by Shomi Patwary, Jaden Smith’s “Watch Me” is a cinematographic masterpiece filled with mesmerizing compositions, often accented with psychedelic-esque color changes and movements. A follow up to his “Batman,” released back in June, this visual is driven by energy, rather than narrative. And Smith does not disappoint. Wearing a Ja’Caius jacket and En Noir pants with custom patchwork, he delivers a perfectly balanced performance, flawlessly shifting between contagious dynamism and unattainable cool. 

With several of his signature motifs, a color palette for the ages, and a few pelvis-led foot shuffles, Smith, yet again, raises the bar of his visual reign. Although he’s dropped his dreadlocks, it seems as if he will never cease to ooze a fearless sense of creativity and millennial ingenuity.

Written by:
Jamyla Sabree