Jaden Smith Releases SYRE Album Trailer

by Flaunt Intern

On Tuesday (October 24) Jaden Smith released a trailer for his upcoming album, titled SYRE, via Instagram.

The clip is not simply one post, but 12 that altogether make up a picture that seems to depict his album cover. Not every post is the same. Behind the initial shot (that creates the whole album cover) is either a video of Smith giving us a tidbit of a song or a photo, which seem to include lyrics. 

These days it seems that every artist is striving to do something creative and inventive when it comes to experiencing their music. Artists are not just releasing a new album, but creating a whole campaign, an entire world for their fan base to enter. This is exactly what Jaden Smith is accomplishing as well. His album trailer seems to be intriguing to those who have discovered it. 

Head over to Instagram insta and experience it for yourself. 

Written by Evelyn Mateos
Title Image via @officaljaden