Help, I’ve Fallen In And Out Of Love With California And I Can’t Get Up In The Morning

by Daniel Warren

Austin post-psych outfit Holy Wave premieres their latest video for "California Took My Bobby Away"

Yes, Austin-by-way-of-El Paso Holy Wave is in a love-hate relationship with the state of California, and yes, their new single takes a steady, pounding, reverb+echo-drenched cruise through a wall-of-sound labyrinth, and, as the barbiturated chorus goes, "Yes, California took my Bobby away and there's nothing left to say."

And yes, it's been said that Austin has the most live music venues per capita. But just because there are more places to play, doesn't mean the resident musicians stop dreaming of Hollywood, or of the glamour of "making it."

Multi-instrumentalist Ryan Fuson tells us: "In El Paso, where we are from, people would normally either move to Austin or to L.A. So as teenagers we were losing friends to either place, but mostly to California."

He admits that losing friends to the West Coast used to bum him out. "I wanted to write the 'Anti-California' song. Though I have to admit I do really love California. I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say we have met some of the best people we know there, and had some of the best times. This song was written for the jealous boy inside of me."

We're feeling Holy Wave even in a vulnerable moment of potential jealousy. There's a cinematic quality to Holy Wave's new single, less '67-Beatles Revolver as found on 2014's Relax, more sonic grooves tracing back to Primal Scream's reinterpretation of flowery psych pop.

With regards to cinema and TV, we asked Fulson where he might see his music utilized. "It so ominous," he said, "it would be perfect in a David Lynch film."

And yes, landing your art within Lynch's demented, brilliant art, in a way, might be "making it." We can't help but recall Oscar-nominated Mulholland Drive. While surrealism doesn't offer an absolute moral, we're guessing the tiny, creepy people spilling out of the speed-fiend failed actress' hallucinated box might have been a warning.

For now, enjoy Holy Wave in a format of your choosing. Fulson recommends you play it "loud as fuck." We're going to put on our headphones, head bang the fuck out of Thursday, and pretend we never heard that old fairy tale with the denouement, careful what you wish for.

Freaks of Nurture LP by Holy Wave is now available for preorder, out March 11 2016 on The Reverberation Appreciation Society

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