G-Eazy's Surprise Show with Halsey at The Roxy was for His 'Day Ones'

by Kara Powell

G-Eazy  | All images by Jose Cervantes

G-Eazy | All images by Jose Cervantes

While thirty-mile-per-hour-winds blew trees down and knocked out power lines around the city, G-Eazy fans remained fixed to Sunset Boulevard. The attendees at the invite-only G-Eazy show Wednesday night (Dec. 20) at The Roxy, the very first stage in LA the Bay area rapper ever rocked, didn’t seem to mind the hours-long wait outside in East Coast cold weather. Rather, anticipation only grew.

The wait continued inside as G-Eazy took the stage 45 minutes late, but not before teasing out his appearance a handful of times:--a yelp (“Yah!”) into the microphone backstage here, an air horn blast from behind the curtain there, each time receiving applause from the audience.

When the show finally began, G-Eazy asked, “Are you alive right now?” It was a rhetorical question for two reasons: the audiences’ deafening screams being a good indicator of their consciousness. And two, the sensory barrage coming from the stage. This included, but was not limited to: epilepsy-inducing lights, ground-shaking stereos and eardrum piercing mic levels which, collectively, would likely not only awaken comatose patients but possibly pump bass into a dead person's heart.

Eazy's performance mostly featured three gestures: chest-beating, hand-waving and what can only be described as karate chopping mixed with catering, serving up observations to the crowd. Toss in a few water splashes on his head from the bottles he drank from. He also ran through a collection cuts only his "Day 1" fans would know.

The highlight of the night was Halsey, G-Eazy’s BAE and committed collaborator, joining him for a duet performance of "He & I." She spent the first half of the evening perched on the balcony balcony. G-Eazy crooned “Some Kind of Drug” to her midway through the show, Romeo and Juliet-style. When she joined him down below for “Him and I,” she had an undeniable ease and charisma.


Eazy's hyphy energy sent his Day 1 fans off with a warmth they needed on the icy night. A 70-minute set that boasts smash singles, wifey and good vibes has its benefits.

Written by Kara Powell
All images by Jose Cervantes