What’s In Yr Fridge, Wendy Bevan?

by Daniel Warren

The dark pop chanteuse shares her new single "Love From The Moon," and then some.

Between London and L.A., solo artist (and photographer) Wendy Bevan fuses early 80s electro underground with the twinkling delicacies of mid-90s alternative. She's currently working on her solo debut, produced by Marc Collin (cofounder of Nouvelle Vague), with release slated for April on Kwaidan and !K7. And, yes, the single "Love From The Moon" was number one on the European Alt Charts, but given the Internet's more ubiquitous and immediate measures of success, we had a pressing question for Wendy Bevan: what's in your fridge?

Words travel with me in my Moleskin book where unordered thoughts become orderly in the welcoming space between the lines on each page.


When I watch the sea I find space and silence to think, I watch the tide draw back and fourth upon the shore. She is so permanent and so full of mystery.



When I take polaroid pictures, I capture the light in their square frame. I watch the moment soon become memory.


I take my violin with me where ever I go. When I play, I find space


Poppy’s symbolise Sleep, Peace and Death. I dream in silences and these flowers grow upon the fields of peace.


When I walk the dogs in the fields and talk with my dad...


When I dance...


When I drive down the freeway...


When I watch the sunsets...


Press photo by Michael Furlonger.

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