Fleetmac Wood

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Fleetmac Wood

The Rumours Are True

When your name doubles as the proper term for a DJ duo and a fabulous party that pops up like the wood-elf flash feasts in

The Hobbit

in places like London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Glastonbury, Brooklyn, and Black Rock City, you know you’re doing something right.

Fleetmac Wood is comprised of Lisa Jelliffe (aka Roxanne Roll) and Alex Oxley, who came together first as Smooth Sailing. The pair created Fleetmac Wood in London after realizing the mood of their crowds changed completely, and for the better, when they played remixed versions of Fleetwood Mac songs. Since then they have discovered that playing an entire set of Stevie & Co. can bring out a wonderfully eclectic bunch. The duo has released four separate volumes of remixed Fleetwood Mac tracks, each mix more refined and gratifying than the previous, balancing the breezy emotionality of Fleetwood Mac with ear-penetrating deep house.

We caught up with the duo during a break between sets to get to the heart of the mojo.

Do you find Fleetwood Mac and modern electronic music coming together as an apt metaphor for the lives we lead, one of both nostalgia and yet so connected to the digital world? 

Lisa Jelliffe: The appeal of the project is hearing familiar, emotional music in a club environment or in a DJ mix format and the release that it brings. There is definitely a nostalgia around the style of the band and that notion of the West Coast rock’n’roll lifestyle of the ’70s but people’s connection with the music goes beyond the nostalgia now.

There is a moment of perfect harmony when a DJ and his/her audience completely connect with each other. Can you describe this feeling?

Alex Oxley: Reaching that point of connection isn’t easily achieved. It is a balancing act between gaining the trust of the crowd, them embracing your musical selection and wanting to be taken on a journey. The DJ needs to take risks, dig deep, and go beyond the expected. It is a two-way street, and when everyone is in sync the feeling is incredible.

Over the four volumes of mixes how has Fleetmac Wood changed musically? What have you improved upon with each consecutive mix?

LJ: Over the four mixes to date I think we’ve curated true to our vision. Our tastes are a bit more Balearic and underground so there’s a fair amount of remixes that we don’t include on there. We also like it when a producer tries something different or remixes a lesser-known track. As we’ve moved to L.A. from London we’ve included more American remixes in the latest edition but I don’t think that has changed the style. We encourage anyone to have a go at remixing the band and please send them our way. Their back catalogue has so many great songs spanning many genres, it’s a treasure-trove to explore.

As far as your personal partying skills, do you feel you’ve rivaled Stevie & Co. in their peak partying?

LJ: No, we’re light-weights but we definitely have some partying skills like enthusiasm, dressing up, and nocturnal tendencies. We also love a good margarita and a nice glass of Champagne. Festivals are our natural habitat and we go to as many as we can, in fact we met at The Secret Garden Party in the UK—in the dance tent.

Photographer: Ben Cope for 7artist mgmt.com.

Hair: Candice Birns for theonly.agency.

Makeup: Garret Gervais for gridagency.com using Temptu Air.