Flashback: Flaunt's 2010 Video Shoot With Ariel Pink, In Honor of New Track Release

by Sid Feddema

Ariel Pink remains one of pop's most interesting provocateurs. He's something like the Tarantino of music: wielding an encyclopedic knowledge of the medium, and using it all – high art and low, insider and outsider – as grist for his unique pastiche-laden albums. He makes music that is simultaneously nostalgic and innovative, sounding like some strange alien broadcast from a planet where the chronology of musical history collapsed. This is especially true of his newest track, "Time to Live", off his forthcoming album Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, out September 15th via Pink's new label, Mexican Summer – his first solo LP since 2014's widely acclaimed pom pom. In celebration of the new track we're revisiting our shoot with Ariel from "The Fusion Issue". Watch below.