Mexican Summer reissues F.J. McMahon's "Spirit of the golden JUICE"

by Sid Feddema

Anthology Recordings, the reissue arm of Mexican Summer Records, is bringing Spirit of the Golden Juice back to life. The one and only album by California folk artist F.J. McMahon, recorded in 1969, continues to resonate raw emotion through gorgeous guitar and earthy songwriting. Now McMahon is taking a second bow--Spirit of the Golden Juice is being resurrected for a one-time special showcase at The Sanctuary in Los Angeles on June 28th. McMahon himself will be performing, accompanied by Mexican Summer recording artist Quilt.

McMahon gained attention in the late '60s by passing a few pressings of his album around on the California coast. In his autobiographical album Spirit of the Golden Juice we hear the light strum of his guitar and a heartfelt voice, telling a story of the search for wisdom and learning the ‘importance of peace and silence’. As McHahon said himself of the battle between what’s right and what’s wrong, “The struggle is what makes us human, and in some ways keeps us centered and grounded.” It seems he practiced what he preached, and there's a certain beauty in the fact that he only sought to share his one creation and leave it at that. He didn’t need to prove anything; he didn’t need to stand on a tower of success. McMahon told his story, and he told it well. How lovely that we can hear it straight from him again, after all these years.

"Spirit Of The Golden Juice "will be out on Anthology Recordings August 11.

The show will take place on Wednesday, June 28th in Los Angeles at The Sanctuary at Pico Union.

Written by Melody Amirkhanian