Swedish Pop Songstress LÉON Still Has a Few Sad Things to Say on Her New Surround Me EP, But Isn't Alone

by Eva Barragan

As a writer,  I sometimes wonder if I should have my prospective significant others sign a release waiver before the start of each first date. I imagine myself handing each person a small piece of paper before we sit down for dinner that reads: “I hereby acknowledge that every event in our relationship, no matter the duration, no matter the level of insignificance (in my opinion), can and will be used as creative material in Eva’s work at some point and time during or after our affair has run its course.” 
Often, I wonder if I should compromise my own need to analyze my breakups in my writing in an attempt to spare a former lover's feelings. Thankfully, Swedish pop songstress Lotta Lindgren (better known as LÉON) reassures me that I’m not the only one facing this dilemma. “It's a constant a struggle. I frequently feel guilty,” she tells me as we talk over the phone about Surround Me, her sophomore E.P. out now. 
“Everything I write is very personal," Lindgren says. “Either I’m going back to a feeling I had years ago, or I’m writing about what I’m going through right now. I’m writing for myself, and I don't really think about the fact that other people will hear it.  [Often] I’ve been living with this song for months, once I release it I’m over it, but I forget that the person who I wrote it about is hearing it for the first time.”

Léon-9653, Credit- Catie Laffoon.jpg

Lindgren tells me she was tired of writing something that made her feel sad and was ready to write something completely different, which is how the single “Surround Me” came about. 
“We started playing with instruments in the studio, and the process of creating this song was really fast and really fun,” she says. “I told myself I was going to focus on not being melancholy on the third E.P. but “Surround Me” is the only single that doesn't talk about being sad,” she laughs. “But I’m writing through new angles now, and about things, feelings I haven't tackled before. That's exciting.” 

The Stockholm native’s “sad” four-song EP includes enchanting masterpieces “Body,” “I Believe In Us,  newly-released “No Goodbyes,” and title track “Surround Me.”  “I Believe In Us,” is deeply vulnerable, raw, and intimate. With the release of her new E.P. Lindgren will be headlining her second North American tour with stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New York and other major markets. 

“I love knowing people relate to my music it assures me that I'm not a crazy person,” Lindgren says jokingly about what she loves about being on the road. “It’s nice to have people tell me that I’m not alone.” 

Crazy or not, I stand by Lindgren every step of the way. Wanting to steer art in a “happy” direction and realizing there's still have several sad things to say is a feeling I'm familiar with. She's not solo on that front.  

Check out LÉON’s "Surround Me" video below and her full tour schedule here

Written by: Eva Barragan