Daktyl has a new EP, "The Act of Hesitation”

by flaunt

On June 20th, Daktyl - the most recent signing to Counter Records (Ninja Tune Imprint) released his new EP, The Act of Hesitation, a "sonically distant yet satisfying divergence" from the artist's previous material. 

The producer and multi-instrumentalist received early praise for his work from Billboard, Rolling Stone (who listed him as one of their “Artists to Watch”) and Zane Lowe’s ‘Next Hype’ on Radio 1.

 In his new 5 song EP, the musical scientist has incorporated an additional talent into what can be announced as the music of the future.

The Act Of Hesitation represents a marked shift from the the bass-heavy, jungle-driven tracks for which Daktyl is best known for, echoing a similar shift in the artist's personal life. Facing a decision to move from his adopted home of London to Los Angeles, Daktyl found himself questioning not only whether to leave behind friends and family to pursue his career, but also where exactly he wanted that career to take him. "I was going in a direction I wasn't completely happy with” he explains "and hesitating a lot about whether to continue down that path or try to start on the creative path I've wanted to be on for years.” After finally deciding to relocate to LA, the artist re-familiarized himself with his singer, songwriter background  ultimately returning to a fundamental approach of making music.  

The title track, which Daktyl describes as “the most personal song on the EP", features the vocals of UK artist Krrum.  "Before I wrote the track I heard this amazing speech by Alan Watts and his interpretation of choice,"  said Daktyl in an interview, "'Choice is the act of hesitation we make before making a decision. You have to regard yourself as a cloud in the flesh. Because clouds never make mistakes. Did you ever see a cloud that was misshapen?'"


The full EP is available to buy and stream here