Club Cheval Would Like You to Put Your Phone Down and Dance

by Johara Al-Rasheed

“I need danger in my life, I need insecurity to have pressure and the pressure gives me creativity."
“People take too many pictures.” Sam Tiba proclaims, puffing on a cigarette while speaking about the ubiquity of phones at his band’s gigs, serving to mediate the passion of the performance, one disconnected selfie at-a-time. “They take too many pictures during the party, and because of that they don’t dance enough. It’s all about showing people that you’re at that party.”

Tiba is a member of Club Cheval—the French group that includes producers Canblaster, Myd, and Panteros666—and, despite the infamous narcissism of The City of Angels, he is excited about being in Los Angeles—gearing up for the North American leg of the band’s tour. “I like the quality of life; it’s simpler than Paris, people are calmer, nicer—coming from Paris, most of the city has the same vibe, I like that in L.A. you can actually feel the difference when you move from area to area.” Although, he concedes, no city is perfect; “I need danger in my life, I need insecurity to have pressure and the pressure gives me creativity; so maybe if I lived in L.A. for good I would become lazy.”

Lazy is not a word that is easily applied to the group. Perhaps fittingly, Discipline—the group’s long-overdue debut album—was released in early 2016. “We released it at least three times—we spent a lot of time trying to make it more accessible without losing its original vibe.” Working with the likes of Kore and Brodinski—co-founders of Bromance Records (home to Club Cheval)—with vocals by Miami-based R&B singer Rudy (who has worked with Chris Brown and The Weeknd) and L.A.-based singer-songwriter Phlo Finister—Discipline is a thumping, pulsating, saturnalia of sound. And like the set list that might accompany a real Saturnalia, Club Cheval’s music is designed for dancing, and passion.

Photographer: Ian Morrison for Opus Reps.

Stylist: Yohanna Logan for The Rex Agency.

Groomer: Marina Migliaccio for The Rex Agency using Oribe Rough Luxury.