The Neon Demon Original Motion Soundtrack Premiere

by Ronnie Pine

In perhaps his best soundtrack yet, Cliff Martinez presents here a dazzling a 23-track original score for the upcoming Nicolas Winding-Refn film, The Neon Demon. The songs meander from twinkling melodies akin to Tangerine Dream, to deep ’90s trance beats tailor-made for a sweaty, orgiastic club crowd, to soft synth movements. Having worked with Winding-Refn previously on Only God Forgives, and the legendary Drive soundtrack: it’s safe to say The Neon Demon soundtrack finds Martinez making his best work to date—aligning itself well with the lush, lavish vision Winding-Refn has created within the film. Here, Flaunt is blessed to present the exclusive premiere of this soundtrack in its entirety. Listen to this one all the way through.

The Neon Demon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out today via Milan Records. You can purchase the soundtrack here.