Singer and Actress Cassie is Ready for Her Second Wave: A Q&A on Music, Travel and Growth

by Robyn Merrett

Cassie | all images shot by Scott Lipps

Cassie | all images shot by Scott Lipps

After taking some time off from music, singer Cassie is back in the studio, whipping up new material for a new album. A lot has changed since releasing her hit debut single “Me & U” back in 2006 and it’s safe to say she’s no longer that 19-year-old dancing in front of a studio mirror.

On top of recently releasing her new single “Love A Loser” featuring Oakland rapper G-Eazy and it's partnering short film, Cassie has worked with new producers, developed a promising acting career, traveled the world and has a new partnership with ALDO shoes. Flaunt chatted with Cassie about what life is like for her now, new music and what other projects she has up her sleeves. Check out our conversation below. 

What Inspired “Love A Loser” and the short film that followed?

The song came about so organically. I wrote it with Belly. I would write and he would write and then we’d come together and combine. It was perfect. The song to me is about taking your power back and not being with someone who’s not good for you. For the film, it kind of just happened. It was directed by Harrison Boyce who’s a really compelling storyteller.  

What was it like working with G-Eazy?

He heard the record through the producer and was like, “I have to get on this track.” I liked his sound and energy so the collaboration just felt right for the message I was trying to get across. He’s a great guy. 

Which producers have you been working with?

Wow, so many. I’ve recently been working with KAYTRANADA, Black Coffee and  PARTYNEXTDOOR. I like to work with people who I’m already a huge fan of and I’d like to listen to myself. 

What artist or album are you into or listening to at the moment?

I really love H.E.R. Her voice is so beautiful. “Focus” is my favorite song.


How do you balance a music and acting career?

You know, it’s definitely tough. I do both sometimes or one more than other. I shot two films two years ago within six months of each other, Perfect Match and Honey 3, and it was definitely trying. Now it’s all about balancing. I’m trying to focus on music right now but I never really stopped.

You recently filmed in South Africa how was that experience? 

I filmed Honey 3 in South Africa and lived there for about two months. It was incredible. I felt I learned a lot about myself and even music. I was happy to be able to get out of LA and meet a lot of great people. South Africa is where I was first exposed to Black Coffee. I became a huge fan so when I met after returning home it was super exciting. 

Are there any other project you’re working on at the moment?

Yes, I am. I’m working on merch' right now. I’ve recently gotten into designing women’s clothing. Right now the vibe of it is graphic tees. You’ll find out more about it soon.

How do you feel you’ve changed since releasing your hit single “Me and U” to now with “Love A Loser”? 

I was basically a kid then and I’m a woman now.  I know what I want. I see a lot of things differently but I’m always remaining true to myself. I have noticed that my patience with everything is paying off. All of my hard work and determination is coming to fruition. I’m very proud. 

If you could give your younger self a piece of advice what would it be?

Keep smiling!

Written by Robyn Merrett