Caroline Vreeland

by flaunt

The Vixen—part of our 10 act musical dramedy

“What is truth? Where a woman is concerned, it’s the story that’s easiest to believe. In this case it’s a great deal easier to believe Bertha Dorset’s story than mine, because she has a big house and an opera box, and it’s convenient to be on good terms with her.” — Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth (1905)

The vixen’s beauty is rivaled only by the sharpness of her wit. She’s empowered by her femininity and has the intellectual prowess to light up a room.

Caroline Vreeland—the singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, and great-granddaughter of Diana Vreeland—has never let her beauty or her famous roots define her, preferring instead to make her own way and do whatever it takes to succeed in her own right. After being signed to indie label BlessandSee in 2014, Vreeland’s EP In Ruins came out in October of 2015, and the budding chanteuse is currently working on a full-length album. Meanwhile, she is continuing the Vreeland fashion tradition with stunning forays into modeling, and a rumored clothing label.

Why does the caged bird sing?

Because she has a hole in her heart but she can still recognize beauty.

Do you think we have a better time as children in general? Are we happier?

We are happier as children because we don’t have as much fear then. Oh the things I used to do! I was so fearless. Now, of course, I am filled to the brim with fear. I was happy playing in fountains with my sister at 12 in the Italian countryside stealing huge wedges of Parmesan until our mouths were so dry we had to eat the fruit out of the sangria.

Is all the best humor dependent on tragedy?

You absolutely have to be able to laugh at yourself to be interesting. I have super highs and low down lows (I cry everyday) but I’m blessed with the knowledge that things always get better.

Do you think the sexualization of women has changed over time?

Just read Aphrodite by Pierre Louys. [There’s] the part about Chrysis the courtesan, the passage where she is laying nude in front of the mirror admiring herself draped in jewels.

Why is L.A. your home? 

It’s taken me ten years to feel at home in L.A., as I much prefer my hometown of Marin County. Los Angeles is now my home because this is the first place I’ve done everything on my own.

Photographer: Luc Coiffait.
Stylist: Zoe Costello for Jed Root.
Hair: Bertrand W for Opus Beauty using Kérastase Paris.
Makeup: Samuel Paul for Forward Artists.