Camila Cabello Dedicates her Today Show Performance to The Dreamers

by Flaunt Intern

This morning (September 29), Camila Cabello hit the stage at The Today Show for a touching performance. The fabulous Cubana-Mexicana artist dedicated her performance to the Dreamers with a donation to the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU is an organization that works to defend civil rights. 

This is a heartfelt matter for Ms. Cabello, who we had the pleasure of interviewing just a few months back. She told us about migrating to the U.S. at only 7-years-old, her Latina culture, and about her childhood in Miami:

“I think what surprised me so much about this new America is that I felt like in Miami there was never any kind of intolerance or bias. With Trump as president it’s just been kind of uncovered, or maybe I just didn’t see it before. It’s scary to think that there’s still so much intolerance in the world.”

Camila Cabello encourages everyone to donate to ACLU and adds that "any amount helps the cause."

Read more of our interview with Cabello here! 

Written by Devin Hendricks