All-American Boy-Band Brockhampton Drops Saturation II Album

by Flaunt Intern

 Photo from Brockhampton  @brckhmptn

Photo from Brockhampton @brckhmptn

All-American boy-band group Brockhampton has been on fire recently, dropping Saturation II, following up Saturation I, only less than three months ago. Before the release of the Saturation sequel, they've already released visuals for "Sweet," "Gummy," "Swamp," and "Junky" all this month. BH already has started to tease the finale of the Saturation trilogy by releasing the first single and music video for "Follow" off of Saturation III, a couple of days ago (Aug 22). 

Brockhampton is a 15-member all-American collective, consisted of rappers, producers, and other creatives. The group was founded by Kevin Abstract in 2015 and is redefining what a boy-band is by their music and members. 

“We are what America actually is," Kevin Abstract told The Guardian. "We speak for people of color who have a hard time expressing themselves publicly."

Brockhampton is hitting the road next month on their tour "Jennifer's Tour," which is almost completely sold out in select cities in the U.S. and Canada. 

Stream Saturation II on multiple platforms here.