Black Atlass

by flaunt

The Lover

“What does happiness mean to you Camilla?”
“That you can fall in love with whoever you want to, and not feel ashamed of it.” — John Fante, Ask the Dust (1939)

The lover is tied to threads that doom them or deliver them to the murky firmament—crossed stars, tangled fates—the lover is a half of a whole, a yin to a yang—who not only lives by the rose, but chooses poetry over prose.

Black Atlass is the music persona of young Alex Fleming—a new generation of pop-song crooner, who couples contemporary synth with electric guitar, and emotive falsetto. Fleming writes, records, and produces all of his work and has made a foray into the fashion world, soundtracking Saint Laurent advertisements and Louis Vuitton films. Fleming strives for stark and beautiful visual accompaniments to his music—having recently tapped Los Angeles photographer and director Kenneth Cappello to direct the video for his newest single “tonight.” on “tonight” Fleming sings from the depths of his soul. His words yearn for the night— of love gained and made. Black Atlass’ newest record will be out this summer.

Speak about a memory you associate with good times.

My family and I used to visit Nantucket every summer for a week or two. Those were great times.

Is writing a song a good time?

The process for each song is unique. Sometimes ideas and energy flow really easily and one thing effortlessly leads into the next, and other times I can spend weeks, even months creating and refining ideas into something that feels right. The funniest song would be an unreleased track my friends and I made one summer called “Water Park.” it’s just a really bad, classic teen summer anthem that we made in an afternoon. If we ever decide to pursue our boy band careers we’re going to be called vacation rain.

If you had a Greek chorus following you around, what would you like them to say?

I’d probably just have them greet people for me at meetings, while I shake their hands. that sounds like a crazy thing you’d hear of a celebrity doing for no reason.

When is the best time to listen to music?

My favorite times to listen to music are when I’m driving or traveling and really just getting lost in the music in a meditative way. I also love listening to music when I’m creating something visual, or looking for references, or when I want to wake up to a certain mood in the morning, or vibe out with friends at night. I guess there’s quite a spectrum there, but I would hope that my music can be something that people can use in a meditative way or when they want to be inspired creatively.

Tell us about a good time you thought would never end.

Last summer my girlfriend and I visited L.A. for a week at the beginning of the summer, after what felt like one of the longest winter’s we’d ever had here in Canada. We spent our days in L.A. exploring, going for drives, meeting amazing people, eating great food and hanging out on the beach. That was probably my favorite vacation I’ve ever been on, and the only time I’d felt like I wasn’t ready to go home when it was over.

Photographer: Kenneth Cappello for Art Department.

Stylist: Sean Knight for Jed Root.

Groomer: Daniele Piersons for Exclusive Artists Management.