The Big Quiet

by Everett Ellsworth

VIDEO PREMIERE: Cotillon: "Gloom"
Is this real, am I dreaming? Slurs the second line in Cotillon's "Gloom," no more than 2 and a half minutes long, the track is over just as it's begun, a guitar-based jam anchored by easy-going drums and the ever-unappreciated light cowbell.

Paired with a video inspired by '90s era-psychedelia, like the lost b-reel for the The Adventures of Pete & Pete intro, or Blind Lemon's friend's band's video, the visual sits in the same ether as the song--a light hand on the shoulder, a sparkling water, the salt in the stew. Just enough fizz to lighten your day and enough guitar to keep the repeat-plays going.

"Gloom" comes off Cotillon's self-titled record, out now on Burger Records.