Australia's Dena Amy Maintains Her Multi-Threat Title with 'Your Eyes' Video: Watch It Here

by Eva Barragan

Trailblazing her way from the dazzling cityscapes down under to the dream-paved streets of Los Angeles, creative Dena Amy Kaplan has built a repertoire that has assured her a spot in the league of the many prominent renaissance women who have come before her. At 28, Kaplan has already excelled in the arena of acting, singing, and dancing. Recently, Kaplan discovered a new love affair with DJing, joining the ranks of female DJ’s like Nina Kraviz, Anna Lunoe, and Alison Wonderland. 

Kaplan tells me, as we talk over the phone (and I freak out over her adorable Australian accent), that her background as a professional dancer has influenced her love for music and just about everything she does in life. 
“Ballet is such a disciplined art form and dance, in general, provides you with such an intense work ethic that I was exposed to from a young age,” she says. “In dance, there’s also this desire to strive for perfection, and that desire is laced into everything I do.” 

That quest is paying off. In the span of just three years, Kaplan has already made her US festival debut DJing at Coachella, going on a national tour with RUFUS DU SOL, and she’s toured extensively through North America, hitting festivals such as Holy Ship, Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Daisy Carnival, and CRSSD.  But be wary of allowing her flirtation with the EDM scene make you believe she’s giving up the rest of her interests for good. 

“They all resonate with me and they all define a different part of who I am,” she tells me of her distinct artistic titles. “And I’m not willing to give up any of them just yet.” 

Being able to utilize all of her talents is the reason why Kaplan's video for her second single “Your Eyes,”  a collaboration with Melbourne producer London Topaz, is the reason why this music video is so important to her. 

ureyes28 - c8110.jpg

“I got to wear my actor’s hat, my dancer’s hat, and even my director’s hat,” she says. “And that’s what I’m going to continue to try to do moving forward. I want to keep evolving as this 360-degree artist. I don’t want anyone putting me in one bracket.” 

She credits the film’s director and co-director, Leah Barylsky and Isabel Durant, for helping her develop a concept that allowed her to incorporate her love for acting, film photography, movement, and music in one single project. 
“When I wrote this song initially, I thought it was a love song to someone else," Kaplan tells me. "But the more I worked on it, I realized it was a more self-reflective song to myself and that's somehow how I see relationships. I wanted to show every aspect of a relationship from the excitement, to the betrayal, to the longing for each other. I got to work with Leah who just had this incredible concept in mind and wanted to add film stills as well.”
Kaplan tells me encouraging fellow female creatives is extremely important to her, and it’s obvious among the women she worked with that the feeling is mutual.  

"'Your Eyes' is the first music video I've filmed and it's been such a blessing to me," says Barylsky. I related to Dena as an artist on many levels and was immediately drawn to this song and the message behind it. Filming was a special experience because it was very open and the essence of it was so pure. It was a very collaborative project where we were able to generate this insane creative energy between us all. Each one of us brought something unique to the table, and hopefully, that shows in this piece.” 

The feeling of comradery and creative energy is echoed by Derek Fallon, the male lead in Kaplan's "Your Eyes" video, Kaplan's best friend and the only male on set. 

"I loved everything about the process of filming the music video. Being able to work with your best friends is such an incredible experience," Fallon says. "We all just kept flowing and bouncing off of each other and it was magic. Dena, Issi and Leah were the real stars [of this project]." 

Check out the premiere of Kaplan's "Your Eyes" and click here to stay informed and see what's next on Dena Amy Kaplan's trailblazing journey.  

Written by: Eva Barragan