Anderson .Paak

by flaunt

The Emissary—part of our 10 act musical dramedy

“Returning with me may be much more dangerous. I may attract more trouble than you’d have discovered yourselves and I will not be able to guarantee your safety, or even guarantee that I can make it my priority. I am going back, now, on business. I shall have duties. Do you understand? You do not have to accompany me.” — Iain Banks, Matter (2008)

The emissary is the trusted. The one whom neither hell nor high water will delay. They carry the message, and ride on the wings of change. Often they deliver words, sometimes they bring the sword.

Anderson .Paak brings the voice, lathers on some soothing funk and R&B, and spits riddling rhymes with playful pop pizazz. The Los Angeles-based singer hails originally from Oxnard. Paak’s rise has ascended from homelessness with his wife and child, to prominent features in Dr. Dre’s album Compton. He released his second proper full length album, Malibu, in January 2016.

What part of a drum set best represents the sound of joy?

The hi-hats.

What kind of music inspires a good mood in you and why?

Literally: Frankie Beverly and Maze, “Happy Feelings,” anything by this group makes me feel warm inside and reminds me of my mom, family, and good times.

If you were a boxer, what would your entry music be?

Mobb Deep, “Quiet Storm.”

Do you have any rituals?

I try not to split poles and before the show I always visualize how things will go with my band before we hit the stage.

What are you bringing to the party?

Hendrick’s/ginger beer and a pack of ExtenZe.

What would you be doing in a parallel universe where music doesn’t exist?

I would be one of those dudes that stands on the corner screaming into a megaphone “Jesus is lord!”

What do you hope people do when they listen to your music?

I want people to feel cool like [the] theme music to Shaft. I want them to feel like they are riding down PCH in a ’66 rag top Malibu, even if they live in North Dakota. When they hear my music I want them to feel inspired and smile. I want them to be turned on. I want them to laugh, cry, suck, and fuck. I want them to be excited to learn every word and listen to it on their commute or road trip. I want it to help them through tough times. I want people to feel happy and free like the people in the Woodstock videos from the ’70s.

Photographer: Robert Nethery.

Style Director: Long Nguyen.

Fashion Editor: Zaquan Champ.

Retouching: Digital Evolution New York.

Grooming: Clarins Men Super Moisture Balm.