Alex Calder Announces New Cassette BEND

by Maya de Baroncelli


The musician is set to release the upcoming cassette tape in July.

Since playing drums in Mac DeMarco’s Makeout Videotape, Canadian musician Alex Calder has been focusing on his song-writing. In 2013 he began writing and recording his first solo attempts, his efforts culminating in Strange Dreams, his debut LP released in 2015. Following the LP’s success, Calder is now ready to release BEND, a home recorded cassette tape made up of 15 tracks of pure gold, including the single “Shaking My Years Away.” As it gets released this July 8th, BEND is sure to attract listeners of all kinds. In fact, Calder’s tracks have been described as the perfect balance of gloom and optimism, making his music perfect for any mood.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, he also has a plethora of upcoming tour dates set up along the east coast, so look for Alex Calder in a city near you and experience a night to remember!

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Feature image by Ellery Lane