Action Bronson Hosts a Crazy Day and Night in Los Angeles

by Flaunt Intern

Action Bronson at The Novo DTLA on October 15 | All images by Corey Fuller

Action Bronson at The Novo DTLA on October 15 | All images by Corey Fuller

On Sunday Action Bronson rolled through the top floor of Barnes and Nobles at The Grove in Los Angeles to sign copies of his book, F*ck That's Delicious for about 250 fans who lined the back corner of the bookstore to see him.

His "annotated guide to eating well" dropped in September, but it was only right that he stopped by to sign a few copies for his fans in LA before his tour stop at The Novo later that night.

After waiting about 20 minutes in line, I got to chop it up with Bronson for a minute while he signed my copy of his latest masterpiece. I told him I've never been to a show before, but I was excited for the show later that night. He goofily laughed at me, telling me, "it's about to be crazy! Tonight will be special."

Once the autographs, photos, and meet and greet ended, it was time to head to the real show: his gig downtown. Let me preface the night by saying: I've never seen so much weed being smoked at one concert in my whole life (and I've been to a lot of concerts). The lights went dark around 9:15 at The Novo.

We all knew Bronson is an entertainer. Whether it be his F*ck That's Delicious VICE series where he hilariously experiments with food or his appearances on Viceland's Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens, there's no doubt that Bronson has one of the best personalities in the rap game at the moment.

Around 9:30 he touched the stage while California born DJ, The Alchemist blasted the latest tracks from Bronson's Blue Chips 7000 project which encouraged a sing-a-long.

With the The Novo being a small venue, the atmosphere of the crowd was a one-of-a-kind experience/ 1000 people were packed tightly on the floor, the space was small enough for Bronson to speak directly with fans after every three or four songs.

Some fans even brought their own copies of Bronson's cook book for him to sign, which he gladly obliged. With a blunt in hand for the duration of his hour-long set, Bronson often passionately delivered bars throughout the night without any background music bedding the words. And instead of mumbling over a studio track, Bronson rapped every word to every song (when he wasn't tossing water into the crowd or running around on stage, that is).

It was the ultimate party. Accompanied with four or five blunts that Bronson took one hit of and passed into the crowd, he made it clear to "take it one hit and pass it back" before he began laughing so hard he almost fell off stage. 

Ending the night on two of his bigger tracks "Easy Rider" and Chance the Rapper-assisted "Baby Blue," Bronson closed the night with a capella choruses for both before thanking the Los Angeles crowd, spraying water around, and tossing the mic in the air like it was a graduation cap. 

Action Bronson is clearly an entertainer. His personality is wild and infectious and he knows how to throw a concert. The guy loves his fans and his fans ate it all up.

Written and Photographed by Corey Fuller