the mini bag... a reaction to our Digital Life

by Flaunt Magazine



Whether it was the powdered wigs that adorned the upperclass aristocrats in the Victorian Era or the baroque sneakers that brace the feet of millennials today, fashion objects display a totemic connection between ornate dress and class. These objects are fluid; changing form as time goes on. Yet there is one fashion object that transcends– the “it” bag.

Via  Fendi

Via Fendi

“It” bags were birthed out of social status and exclusivity; elevating the wearer to status (the “it” girl/guy). Wearers became representative of objects that conveyed the concept of having it all without carrying it all. Though the mid 2000s offered up a golden era of It bags, the excessive concept of the bigger is better resonated in countless socialites and celebrities who flaunted waiting-list bags that could have easily supported the weight of a small child.



As those Hollywood messes went extinct the concept of the young Hollywood has warped and the rise of those social media people, who shall not be named, has brought a psychological referendum against the ideal gestures of exclusivity. We now live consumed with ways to go against the grain which life has given us. Exhaustion from our digital lives have created a generation of millennials trying to out bid each other for a house in the Catskill's or Joshua Tree for a little me moment before slipping into full on selfie relapse.

If cocktails provide warmth where there is no man and a poke bowl nourish where we feed our animalistic tendencies for flesh then why should we be carrying the world on our backs. It's a clear evolution of accessories as a reaction to our collective mental health. Are we delusional, are we practicing minimalism or have we just fallen into a zeitgeist leading trend?

It's hard to see if this has any correlation to our sexual appetites. For one the mini bag see's no gender. Once a symbol of the woman's vulva in which she held items men would besiege upon her, with the statement, "babes can you put this in your bag." The mini bag is a critique of our new found woke consciousness, a product of equality to fit a condom and some change.