Out Now: A Modern Twist on Michael Jackson's Aviators

by Flaunt Editorial Staff

The only thing that rivals people’s nostalgia for the pop icons of the ‘90s (think Lenny Kravitz, Beck, and Fiona Apple) is their nostalgia for ‘80s pop culture and its unforgettable icons. The decade brought us Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Star Trek, Godzilla, The Goonies, and a host of movies by Steven Spielberg--just a few of the decade's pop culture legacies. 35 years ago, Michael Jackson released Thriller, an album in which the star made fashion history several times with his signature red leather jacket in “Thriller,” his fedoras, and his single, sequined glove.

In honor of 35 years of Thriller, Michael Jackson’s aviators have returned with a modern twist. Italian eyewear brand illesteva has paired with the Michael Jackson Estate to launch a limited edition pair of Jackson-inspired sunglasses. Illesteva's eyewear is similar to what Jackson wore during his '84 Grammy acceptance speech, opening the Dangerous tour, and performing the Super Bowl XXVII half-time show in '93. The reimagined aviators are thin, gold, and frameless, and only 200 will be produced. Better get them before they’re gone (which will probably be sooner than you think), or risk missing out on these old meets new shades.

For those who were wondering, the frame is made out of a 2.55 millimeter single sheet lens. The gold gradient face is accented in custom gold gradient with lightweight steel temples, according to designer Daniel Silberman. Each frame is engraved with Jackson's signature. They clearly had the MJ-lovers market in mind when producing these guys.

The aviators are on sale today (August 8).

Written by: Brianna Di Monda