All About Les Benjamins SS16

by Flaunt Staff

LES BENJAMINS Spring / Summer 2016 goes “Back To The Roots”

Les Benjamins SS16 from Les Benjamins on Vimeo.

Istanbul fascinates Les Benjamins Creative Director Bünyamin Aydin. Besides form-fitting jackets, urban raincoats, and classy-mimetic tee designs, his intersectional label bridges Ottoman influence with modernization's continual integration. For Turkish youth forging identities within this ever-evolving cityscape, Les Benjamins also designs cell phone cases, breathable and waterproof fabrics, and even digital embroidered technologies. Trendsetters who champion Aydin's pieces become contemporary eclipses passing through ancient urbanity, with a sense of stylish play well tailored for any moment in history.