Eddie Redmayne Celebrates Launch of Omega’s “Perfect” Watch

by Decoŕte Snipes

The Globemaster defeats magnetism to keep perfect time.
Yesterday we stepped in to Mack Sennett Studio in Silver Lake for a toast with actor Eddie Redmayne and company.

Redmayne’s the latest ambassador to Omega, esteemed Swiss watchmaker. Together, they celebrated the launch of the Globemaster Master Chronometer.

“I love OMEGA's legacy; watches for the Air Force, the first watch on the moon—it's about storytelling. OMEGA's history is unrivalled,” Redmayne told us.

watch 3

Omega believes they’re “bringing in a whole new era of change to watchmaking.” With the new Globemaster watch line, they’ve eliminated pesky deflections of time due to magnetism.

watch 1

The Globemaster’s anti-magnetic properties involve brilliant engineering, but wrist game is still looking regal af.

watch 2

The Globemaster is the first OMEGA timepiece to emerge from new testing according to the Master Chronometer testing standards. Set by the fiercely independent Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), notoriously tough in the industry, the test includes eight rigorous tests over the course of 10 days.

As for the partnership, “Eddie chose us!” Urquhart exclaims. “He’s a very young guy, good looking, forward looking, and very contemporary so I think he’s a good match for the brand.”

OMEGA’s roster of renowned ambassadors have also included Cindy Crawford and George Clooney, perfect company for Oscar-winner Redmayne. If time’s proven one thing, it’s that like seeks like. Here Omega further perfects both luxury accessory, and a time-tested maxim.

omega web

See Omega’s perfect global timepiece on their website, a decidedly "cosmic" experience.

Photos via Getty and omegawatches.com.