Edeltrud Hofmann by Masayo Kishi

by Paulette Ely

Long time contributor and friend of Flaunt, Masayo Kishi, just launched her new blouse line, and it gives women the style stage of the 40’s 50’s, 70’s and the now combined. With multiple patterns upon each sophisticated silk blouse, women can simultaneously sport high fashion and pops of playfulness. With pussybows, shoulder pads and prints of petals and pink, this line is reminiscent of vintage Chanel runways, yet is designed to the wave of women in the workplace. Kishi’s blouse line is called Edeltrud Hofmann, and the style is reflective of her non-stop worth ethic in the field of feminine fashion. Feeling feminine and fierce at your desk or at a lunch meeting has never been so easy. Check out the slideshow of the line in action, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to get these pieces in your closet!

Photography by Heather Gildroy  

Styling by Masayo Kishi  

Models  Dakota Moore & Rebekah Underhill  @Q

Makeup by Manana Saralidze  

Hair  by Erol Karadag  

Photo assistant by Ligeia    

All clothing by Edeltrud Hofmann.