Making it Rain Hasn’t Gone Out of Fashion

by Flaunt Magazine

Anderson .Paak drops new song called ‘Bubbling.” The music video creates a dream-like self-portrait, featuring .Paak with 6-arms grabbing at endless cash that is being rained out of a broken ATM machine.  His track dynamically mixes drum beats with synths, horns, and strings, amplified by the fantastical shots in his video.

Paak’s upbeat song was first premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beat radio show Thursday, making it his second track of 2018 - following “Til It’s Over,” which he released earlier in April. He categorized his style to Lowe as “some black 007 action adventure high speed chase type of music.” This description perfectly illustrates the outlandish and opulent lifestyle that emerges in his video, playing tribute to his own lived-out dreams and successes as an artist. We can be sure to expect more from Paak after he divulged to Lowe that he has “65,000 songs in the vault.” “Bubblin" has us eagerly awaiting the debut of the following 64,999, and this time don't forget to bring your raincoats and umbrellas.  

Written by Molly Simon