Lil Peep's Collaborative Clothing Platform Prepares for Launch

by Joey Dalla Betta

Before fentanyl claimed the life of Gustav Åhr, the wildly popular Soundcloud artist was preparing to launch both NO SMOK!NG and a section on his website offering fans the opportunity to contribute designs for his newest line of merch. In light of his passing, "a fast-growing artist merchandise fulfillment company" called The HYV decided to combine the ideas; from August 1st (12pm PST) through August 8 (12pm PST), fans may submit "serious, Lil Peep Inspired designs" via the still unpublished submission form on The HYV's website. Selected artists will share in a TBD percentage of their piece's sales. 

Gustav inspired millions of people to feel comfortable in their own skin, to openly express themselves in both their art and their lives; NO SMOK!NG will exist thanks to the many voices he's helped shape. Åhr may be unable to watch his dream come true, but a certain trace of his being will live on through the works of art he continues to inspire, in more ways than one.

This is where you'll be able to submit: There's also some more information you might be interested in.