King Krule Returns With a Song From Your Daydreams, 'Czech One'

by flaunt

Dark wave and punk jazz artist, King Krule, released a new song and video after a four-year break from the music scene. The song entitled, “Czech One,” is dark and mysterious with jazz chords that leave you fantasizing of an alternate life. Archy "King Krule" Marshall sings hushed poetry of a love he left behind:

“I said you know where I’m coming from and she looked me in the eye/ Lover boy, you drown too quick/ You’re fading out of sight”

In the video, Krule is depicted in a brown suit and tie aboard a plane with a destination to his dreams. Euphoric visuals occupy the dream-state of the clip, giving insight to Krule’s mind. Footage of his estranged lover reoccurs throughout as he sings:

“But she still sits in my dreams/ I’m out of sight, so out of sight/ But she sees what I see, she’s watching me”


To view the full video, click here.

For more information about King Krule and his upcoming tour click here.

Written by: Morgan Vickery