Alt-R&B Songtress Kelela Seeks Fun Without Commitment in 'LMK': Listen Here

by Kylie Obermeier

Kelela's  Take Me Apart  album cover

Kelela's Take Me Apart album cover

Kelela, the queen of sultry indie jams, is back again with the first single from her proper full-length debut album Take Me Apart, set to drop on October 6 via Warp Records.

Somewhere in between the frantic velocity of EP Hallucinogen’s “Rewind” and heavy slow-burn of mixtape Cut 4 Me’s “Bank Head,” “LMK” rests on the bed of wooziness, off-kilter synth lines, and sweet vocals from Kelela that burst into impressive falsetto at the song’s end.

Kelela is game for the kind of romance that "you can chase for the night," but is not looking to lock it down with anyone. "No one's trying to settle down," she sings, "all you gotta do is let me know." 

As always, the artist manages to make music that is complex and thoughtfully layered without sounding too busy. You might glaze over a sample that sounds like the pop of a can being opened, for instance, but repeat listens allow you to notice the many subtle parts that make up the sum of Kelela’s excellent electro-R&B.