K. Roosevelt

by Flaunt Magazine

On July 27th, K. Roosevelt is releasing his debut EP. This much anticipated EP has eight tracks which will quickly become the soundtrack to your summer. Roosevelt has been creating, producing, and writing this EP for the past six months. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Roosevelt has been inspired by the beach-y music he has been surrounded by. He has been a musician his whole life, starting with drums at the age of 9. Moving into creating and producing music, he has worked with names like: Travis Scott, Jhene Aiko, and SuperDuper Kyle.

Roosevelt seamlessly captures the exhilaration of budding summer flings in his first single from the EP, “Adrenaline”. Roosevelt teamed up with Sean Brown to create the stunning visuals for the album. The music video captures the song with its nostalgic, grainy shots of friendship. “Blinding My Vision”, the second song to be released, is a song of bitter-sweet reconciliation. There is no doubt that the following six songs will be just as quality as the first two.

In regards to the trials of his creative process Roosevelt says, “this is the most rewarding project to date.” Roosevelt’s goal of the album is to create feel good music that everyone can relate to a piece of. K. Roosevelt is excited about the release of the EP because, “it’s [the EP] the most ‘me’ project I have ever done…”. Keep on the look out for the EP dropping on July 27th.

Written by Collin Schreiber