Jhené Aiko Deals With Her Brother's Death in Emotional Short Film, Trip

by Robyn Merrett

Yesterday singer Jhené Aiko appeased fans with the release of her highly anticipated short film, Trip. The 23-minute autobiography will accompany Aiko’s upcoming album titled Trip 2017. The emotional film highlights Aiko’s raw and genuine experience with coming to terms with the death of her brother, Miyagi, who passed away in 2012 after a battle with cancer. 

In the film (spoiler alert), Aiko plays Penny, a poet who spends her days in isolation, writing by a beach. One day she meets an invasive stranger named Dante who persuades her to take a trip with him in hopes that it will help her find peace and distract her from her pain. On the journey Penny falls for Dante, but their fate it is tested when Penny pushes him away and turns to drugs. While high, Penny reunites with her brother who encourages her to let him go in order for her to move on. She finds closure with this encounter and takes steps to heal. 

Aiko wrote and co-directed the film alongside Tracy Oliver who wrote Girls Trip. Throughout the film you can hear original poetry and music by Aiko that captures the essence of heartache and sorrow. The film makes us question how we grapple with losing a loved one,  and even confronts emotions most rarely speak of.

Watch the film here. 



Written by Robyn Merrett