In Denim We Trust

by Sid Feddema

Denim Day Diary 2017 for Peace Over Violence with Guess

Denim jeans have always been a must-have item in my wardrobe and on April 26 I was asked to wear mine with purpose as part of a worldwide annual rape-prevention campaign known as “Denim Day.”

For the last four years The Guess Foundation have teamed up with non-profit Peace Over Violence to encourage individuals regardless of their age, sex or gender to throw on a pair of jeans in solidarity with sexual assault victims and raise awareness for domestic, sexual and interpersonal violence.

Yesterday afternoon Morgan Vickery and I put on our Canadian suits and went down to Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica to celebrate consent with this year’s Denim Day spokespeople and performers Maya Jupiter and Aloe Blacc.

Blacc serenaded us gals and the rest of crowd with his famous single “I Need A Dollar,” and spoke to event goers about family, jazz, life and love. He talked about Bob Marley, performed his rendition of “No Woman No Cry,” and got the entire crowd to join in on an old school soul train dance line. Blacc’s music and his words created a sense od unity at the event and as I watched everyone present dancing together and singing along I was reminded that sexual assault isn’t just the victim’s issue, it is all of ours.

Written by Eva Barragan