Gucci Conjures Up Mythical Thrill With Their Cruise 2018 Menswear Collection

by Chelsey Sanchez

Italian luxury brand Gucci has presented their 2018 Menswear Cruise Collection. Fitting for Italy's rich culture and history when it comes to mythical figures and dynamic stories, the line has a whimsical, regal feel to it. Shot by British photographer Elaine Constantine at Villa Adriana in Tivoli, Italy, the models don golden laurels and princely attire as easily as a Roman prince might have. Though it’s hard to not act like royalty in clothes like that. Gucci is pulling out all their tricks with this collection, with gorgeous embroidery and embellishments.

The pieces shimmer like blueish-green waves on the Mediterranean Sea, like the irises of Achilles’ eyes before charging into war, like the gold of Apollo’s chariot as he pulls the sun across a glowing sky. Floral patterns reminiscent of pastoral paintings and glittering pullovers that split light into rainbows offer up an aesthetic that is fitting of its environment--where nothing (not even divine beings or invincible heroes) seemed impossible.

God or mortal, check out this lookbook down below.

Photos by Elaine Constantine