LA-Band Fringe's Exclusive Video "Backseat" Makes Waves For Music Along the Coast Of Malibu

by Isaac von Hallberg

"Backseat" paints the picture of sleeping in my car on Pacific Coast Highway, with sounds of Malibu waves like lullabies. I used to date someone who lived over there, but their dorm wouldn’t allow for late visits and it’s a mission from where I live, so we’d fold the seats down in the back of my Subaru and just sleep in the street sometimes. It’s a special thing to sleep with someone, not in a sexual way, but the act of just sleeping next to someone you care about means so much, something that's often taken for granted. We weren’t really able to do that, so we became master improvisors. When their school year ended, that person moved away, but I’d still hold on to those special moments, sometimes too tightly. Things come in seasons and they definitely have an expiration date, which is difficult to grasp when they seem oh-so right. Those moments are fleeting, so it’s all about holding them loosely while appreciating them for what they are. Like everything, they can’t last forever, but it is just that that makes them so special.

Fringe is the Los Angeles based indie project of Derec Patrick (guitar, vocals), Preston Bell (guitar) and Zach Capittifenton (drums) w/ Jamie Coster (bass). An elusive mix, Fringe takes from shoegaze influences like Pale Saints  and brings them together with the melodic and lyrical influence of folk singers like Cass Mccombs. In late 2016, Fringe began as a solo project with a handful of bedroom demos until hitting the jackpot as Preston Bell reached out to play guitar. They later met Zach Capittifenton through mutual friends and after less than a week of creative collaborative jam sessions, recorded what's become their self titled EP, released in the spring of 2017. Since it’s release, they’ve spent the last year touring the west coast as well as the southwest and will release their debut LP, “Happens So Fast” in the summer of 2018. A lot is to come for the boys of Fringe, so hop in the backseat and enjoy the ride. 

Written by Paulette Ely

Video directed by Logan Rice